Round Two with the GCSU

 Photo: Lauren Clewes

Photo: Lauren Clewes

In following with my original article from the Fall Term, I recently sat down with Seyoung Chang of the Glendon College Student Union to discuss what they have planned for the rest of the semester.

Among the new and old services provided by the GCSU, they will continue to offer Cineplex and Ripley’s tickets at a greatly discounted price - $9 for Cineplex and $20 for Ripley’s. This initiative started last year in an effort to address students’ concerns about having to travel to Keele in order to purchase discounted tickets from the York Federation of Students. In addition to this, we will be seeing changes made to the Breezeway, which has already been brightened with a new coat of paint and the addition of a water cooler for student use. The GCSU also has plans to attach a Brita filter to the kitchenette in the near future.

Perfect for those who made fitness their new year's goal, athletics have started again for the Winter term: available sports include: ice hockey, inner tube water polo, women's and men's volleyball, men’s basketball, and futsal. Glendon will also be participating in intramurals this year. Be sure to visit the GCSU or the GAC for all the details!

The GSCU has also been in talks with local initiatives to try to improve the overall Glendon experience. These include looking into improving the 124 bus service. Multiple suggestions have been proposed, including the addition of an extra bus during peak times (8-9 AM and 3-5 PM), or an additional bus which would ignore the Sunnybrook Loop and be intended to specifically serve Glendon students. The GCSU will also be reaching out to the City of Toronto to improve salting on the Bayview bridge which connects the drop-off point for the 124 and Glendon as a result of numerous injuries, both of person and personal items, that have affected Glendonites over the past several winters.

In February, the GCSU will kick things off with an African Diaspora Awareness event—not just in honour of Black History month, but also to bring awareness to the forefront. The Indigenous Student Association will be working with the Centre of Aboriginal Student Services (CASS) to make it available at Glendon, as well as Keele. This has been a combined effort between both the Union and Student Affairs. The Francophone student committee, in collaboration with the GCSU and Salon Francophone, are also working towards creating a report that details issues affecting Francophone students.

Finally, there are two big events happening in March: on March 2nd, the LGBT+ club will be hosting an all-ages, off-campus pub night. And, on March 23rd, the GCSU will be hosting the Glendon Formal, which will be held in midtown Toronto, providing students with a more easily accessible location. Overall, it looks like the GCSU is off to an exciting start, and Pro Tem looks forward to being there for all of these events!