Should I Stay or Should I Go: Thoughts on Formal

 cr. GCSU

cr. GCSU

Editor’s Note: The GCSU hosted this year’s #PalmSprings Formal on March 22 at the Venetian Banquet Centre. Rather than provide an overenthused recap of what you missed, we thought we’d take to the halls and ask you, the students, what influenced your decision to go to this year’s Formal, or perhaps why you decided to skip it altogether. Here’s a recap of what you said!

“It was a great opportunity for me to spend more time getting to know my friends... I went kind of last minute, not knowing what to expect. The venue was lovely, the food looked good although the chef was clueless about vegan and vegetarian diets, but overall it was a really great event. The music could have been a bit better and the speakers louder because the venue was huge... The decoration was cool, they had a funky centerpiece or a pineapple on every table. They also had places decorated for pictures and balloons. Overall, I definitely liked it. ”

“Looking back, I consider attending the formal this year to have been a good choice. I got to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen for a while. Generally, I think it was well organized. That said, next year, I would definitely recommend changing the colours for food restriction bracelets because it was all a bit confusing, but that may have been the venue’s fault.”

“We had a Formal? I thought the GCSU was shut down because of the strike. I guess I should probably come back from this social media cleanse… Then again, did I really miss anything? No offense to the organizing team, I’m sure they did a great job, Formal just isn’t my thing.”

“It was my first Formal, so I had a blast despite the strike! I can’t wait to go again next year, and I really hope I can join the planning committee if there is one since I have some suggestions on improvements. I was part of my prom planning party back in high school and it was a great experience.”

“I feel like these events are all hype and, especially now, Insta grabs. Even my high school prom looked amazing on paper, and the location was picture-perfect, but the parties themselves are super lame. Organizing committees do their best but, let’s face it, we want a rockin’ house party with inappropriate drinking and dancing, not some lame-o student achievement celebration with a three-course meal. If you ask me, there’s no question about it: stay home for the event, go to the after party!”

“Nah, I couldn’t go. Too busy working, trying to save up for my grad trip — that is, if I can still graduate. How long has this strike lasted again? To be honest, I didn’t even know anything was happening at Glendon since whenever I drop by, it’s like a ghost town. But hey, good for them for pulling off a Formal despite all the mess and confusion, both with the strike and the GCSU in general. 2018 has not been kind, I gotta say.”

“I really considered going to Formal this year, since it’s my last year and I have yet to go to one. I mean, I went to the Charity Ball a couple years ago at Steamwhistle and honestly, the best part about that whole event was the location and the free brewery tour; the music sucked and the food options were dismal. Still, I came pretty close to buying tickets for this year’s Formal, but ultimately, none of my friends were going so I just figured it wouldn’t be worth it for me. Looking at the pictures and hearing stories now, I don’t feel I missed out on anything that spectacular.”