Pro Tem is the Bilingual Newspaper of Glendon College. Founded in 1962, it is York University’s oldest student-run publication, and Ontario’s first bilingual newspaper. All content is produced and edited by students, for students.


Pro Tem est le journal bilingue du Collège Glendon. Ayant été fondé en 1962, nous sommes la publication la plus ancienne de l’Université York ainsi que le premier journal bilingue en Ontario. Tout le contenu est produit et édité par les étudiants, pour les étudiants.

Succulent Anguish

Succulent Anguish

There is something so beautiful in daily life

although woebegone, how to describe: petrichor.

Like the anguish,

a ubiquitous feeling throughout my body

I want to exult from within.

When I do, grateful to remedy,

the torment becomes missed

(a comely, rending sentiment).

The devil allures me to forget;

to consume it at night,

to conflate with him in vice.

A painful dalliance lasting for hours

when daylight arises again.

Interview with Glendon Alum: Jay

Interview with Glendon Alum: Jay

Night Terror

Night Terror