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Slice of Life: A Case for Arts Education

Last weekend, I was crossing the U.S.-Canadian border, the connecting cities being Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. I have a Nexus card, which means I get to fast-track the entire line and get through the border in five minutes maximum. Normally, the border security asks a simple question like, “where you heading?” To which I respond, “Detroit, to visit my boyfriend,” and they let me pass right through without blinking an eye. This past weekend was different though. It seemed as though this particular border security officer was either bored that day, or simply needed to kill time. So, he asked, “Where you heading?”

Glendon Clubs: An Alumna Perspective

When I first started at Glendon, I was scared and nervous. I was leaving behind the 4 years of friendships and comfort I had worked so hard to make. Now, I was forced to make new friends and find new comforts — a feat that terrified me. As someone who is incredibly shy, I decided to join a club where I could meet people with similar interests as me.

The Importance of Responsible Media Consumption

We’re seeing fast food places ethically sourcing their meat, stores doing away with plastic bags entirely, and cafes serving fair trade coffee, just to list a few. This goes to show that the voice of the consumer is important and can create change. So, how does this come into play with regards to our consumption of media?

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Mamma Mia! at The Isabel Bader Theatre

In the midst of a long, biting winter, I found myself whisked away in a mediterranean dream to a time before AirBNB, Cher’s Dancing Queen, and genetic testing. My flights of fancy were made real thanks to a spectacular performance of Mamma Mia! at The Isabel Bader Theatre. Produced by the Victoria College Drama Society and directed by Ronan Mallovy, the cast is brimming with personality and actors who bring the energy of ABBA classics alive.

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La valeur de la créativité dans les arts libéraux

Les cours de français à Glendon valorisent avant tout l’orthographe, la syntaxe et la grammaire; on veut absolument perfectionner ses compétences en argumentation, on veut exprimer clairement les idées tirées d’un texte. Ce sont les idées de quelqu’un d’autre. Pour plusieurs étudiants, y compris moi-même, cet aspect des études françaises est pénible. J’ai entendu parler d’étudiants dont la confiance en leurs capacités linguistiques baisse énormément au cours de leurs études à Glendon. Avant de quitter Glendon, suivez mes conseils. Ne passez pas toutes vos études sans savoir la valeur de vos créations et de votre français unique.

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The Problem with Prequels: A response to The Crimes of Grindelwald

I grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies, and for a long time, as someone who loves to write, considered Rowling one of my inspirations. There are lots of things she does well, and credit is earned where credit is due. However, it seems that recently she has been rubbing a lot of her fans the wrong way. Although there are several reasons for this, the one I’m focusing on stems from a trap into which many creative individuals have fallen: making bad prequels. (I should mention, this will involve spoilers for the Fantastic Beasts movies.)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Review

There are certain moments in life that just stand out. These moments may be happy, sad, loud, quiet, intense, or reflective. What they have in common is how they manage to bury themselves into our minds and to utterly redefine us, sometimes immediately. For me, some of these moments take the form of cinematic experiences. Such experiences include my first exposures to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sense & Sensibility, Toy Story, Raiders of the Lost Ark, There Will Be Blood, and, more recently, Moonlight. These movies all came along suddenly and without warning, broke me apart, built me back up, and simply sent me reeling. In December of 2018, yet another film worked such magic on me.

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A Review of A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

On November 31, British pop-rock band The 1975 released their third album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. The 1975 have reached tremendous success since their first album, but they took a brief hiatus so that lead singer Matty Healy could receive treatment for heroin addiction. The overall theme of the album is the impact of social media on our relationships, mental health, and lifestyle, along with stories of Healy's drug abuse. It definitely makes listeners question the current age of technology in which we live.

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Écrire pour exister : bas les préjugés

Nous sommes tous habitués à regarder des films scolaires insipides. Or, le film américain Écrire pour exister (Freedom Writers en anglais), sorti en 2007 et réalisé par Richard LaGravenese, examine des propos très importants, tels que les gangs, les systèmes d’éducation désavantageux pour certains élèves et la réalité crue de certaines écoles défavorisées. Dans le film, l’enseignante jouée par l’actrice Hillary Swank incarne les préjugés et la naïveté de plusieurs personnes.

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Ignoring Intersectionality at the Expense of a Woman: A Review of Djanet Sears’ Harlem Duet at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto

Premiering with Nightwood Theatre twenty-one years ago, Djanet Sears’ Harlem Duet has made its grand return to the Tarragon Theatre, this time in the Main Space. The remounting of the play gives Sears the opportunity to recreate her timeless piece for a contemporary audience. Addressed in the programme as a “non-chronological prequel to Shakespeare’s Othello,Harlem Duet sets about to expose the backstory of Othello, the origin of his cursed handkerchief, and bring to the forefront the woman he deserted.  

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Review of Brockhampton's Iridescense

Merriam-Webster’s defines “iridescence” as “a lustrous rainbow-like play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves that tends to change as the angle of view changes.” The latest album from hip-hop collective Brockhampton takes this rather technical term as its title, and it fits well.

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