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Je monte dans l’autobus, tapant ma main au détecteur. Mon regard croise celui d’une des caméras omniprésentes. « Qu’est-ce que vous faites là? » Une voix familière surgit de la masse de visages flous et quasi identiques qui tangue au rythme des accélérations et décélérations du véhicule. Une musique cinglante conçue pour décourager les conversations pollue l’air.

A Fearful Encounter

There is a frail old man, living in utter seclusion on a remote farmhouse. He lives without the modern trappings of the iPhone, Google, Facebook, or Netflix. This unplugged existence allows him the leisure to embrace and explore his physical environment, and to read the classics from western and eastern canons.

Café Turc

La jeune serveuse, une fausse blonde, me demande : « Vous avez fait votre choix? ». Elle a l’air impatiente et indifférente à la fois.
— Juste un café, lui dis-je. Noir. Sans crème.
— Juste un seul?

Vrijdag in de trein

As he glanced up to see what the silent passengers were doing, those who were conversely typing away at their technological fiends, he closed his newspaper, took off his black-rimmed glasses which accentuated the darkly, tired bags under his eyes, and leaned his head against the seat as he everlastingly sighed an exhausted breath of fatigue.

The Classroom

It’s hot, it’s boiling… My God it’s scorching in here! I can’t take it anymore! I want to rip off this white blouse and hear the breaking of its delicately woven seams; the call to which my Tarzan will respond. Or rather, he might simply swing by this Godforsaken classroom which attributes more of its resemblance to Dante’s Inferno rather than a most scholarly and erudite environment reserved for the brightest, most innovative of minds of our soon-to-be future leaders.

Dora and the Mutt

She walks by them every morning and seldom stops herself from looking at its monstrously yellow teeth, smelling its pungently acrid and vile odour, staring incessantly at those unfathomably large, emerald green eyes; their brilliancy only illuminating a further void and longing for compassionate justice. Ha!