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“Should I Post it?” — The Social Pressure For Online Perfection

Most people have heard the saying “Instagram vs. Reality” but many of us do not realize the extent of what it means. In the age of social media, many people try to present the world with an idealized version of themselves that can only be achieved online. In particular, famous people on the internet present their followers with seemingly perfect, yet incredibly filtered versions of their lives that steer the minds of the public very far from reality. With this, young people especially, are being sold an image they cannot afford to buy.

Healthy Femininity

Exercise is seen as completely positive in modern society: it is encouraged by health professionals, promoted in our education systems, and has been popularized across social media. But is exercise really always healthy? My personal relationship with exercise has grown, deformed and reshaped, taking on a slew of different characterizations over my twenty years.

Could I Get Something with Cranberry In It?

Author’s Note: This essay contains explicit references to substance abuse and depression.

I first tasted vodka when I was 16 years old. Specifically, I was at a bar and asked, “could I get something with cranberry in it?” to which the person behind the counter responded, “what with cranberry in it?” I stared in befuddlement. The issue of whether I would even be able to get served was of such prior importance that I had neglected to consider step two: choosing the alcohol.

Clouded Lungs and Judgement: The Truth About Vaping

E-cigarettes and “vapes” have become popular among a young demographic who can not obtain cigarettes legally. They have become a way for youth to partake in “adult luxuries,” such as nicotine and marijuana, while believing vapes to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Now heavily advertised and sold worldwide, this alternative has been discovered to be more dangerous than once believed. 

Des petits conseils pour lutter contre le stress à l’école

En tant qu’étudiants, c’est important de prendre soin de nous-mêmes. Pourtant, c’est facile de négliger notre santé et notre bien-être lorsqu’on essaie d’équilibrer notre vie scolaire et sociale. Je suis dans ma troisième année ici à Glendon et il y a eu des périodes où le stress des cours m'accablait. Voici quelques conseils que j’utilise pour améliorer mon mode de vie comme étudiant à l’université.

Taco Soup

When I cook, the key things I think about are convenience and speed. A few years ago, I found a recipe on Pinterest for taco soup and I instantly fell in love. Over the years, I have made my own tweaks and improvements in order to perfect my very own version of taco soup.

Dealing with Acne. . . Emotionally

During the summer I worked at a summer camp and while I was prepared to administer day to day tasks and take kids from point A to point B, I was not prepared for them to speak their minds whenever they pleased even if that meant pointing out my biggest insecurities.

“Why do you have so many pimples?” one kid asked me while looking directly at my face.

Tips and Tricks to Having a Healthy and Happy School Year

Another school year has rolled around and the first week of classes left me exhausted. Back into the routine of going to class, doing endless readings, and being in a school environment constantly. To introduce myself, my name is Libbey Dresser and I am in my fourth year of Political Science at Glendon. In 2018, I studied for a year in Barbados, so coming back to Toronto for my final year has been a bit of a culture shock. I am a firm believer that mental health is just as important as your physical health and it has to be taken care of!

I Am Mentally Sound

On Bell Let’s Talk Day in 2018 I received numerous messages from various individuals who usually ostracize me with regards to mental health, contacting me and pretending to be concerned. In 2019, during Bell Let’s Talk Day, I made sure to turn my phone off. I did not want to be an object that people use for a day so they could feel like a caring individual. In Jamaica, where I grew up, “mental illness” does not exist—you are either considered sane or mad, and frankly, no one wants to be associated with a mad person. Mental disorders exist in Canada, but it would seem as if it is only recognized if a person is diagnosed by a qualified professional.

PHOTO CREDIT : Holly Mandarich (unsplash)

John Kemp’s Kitchen: A More Interesting Fruit Salad

Once again, we’ve come to the end of the school year at Glendon and, despite the still somewhat unpredictable weather, the hazy lazy days of summer are fast approaching. Now over the past few years, we’ve seen some pretty remarkable summer temperatures, getting as high as over forty degrees. How, then, are we to refresh ourselves in this blistering heat?

In this last John Kemp’s Kitchen, John delights us with a refreshing fruit salad recipe.

Draped in Red Flags

In my last relationship, I ignored the glaring red flags I saw in my partner. After each one would reveal itself and after each subsequent argument, my partner would insist that he wanted a fresh start; a clean slate. He wanted to walk out of the room like it never happened, preventing me from bringing the same issues up again. I ignored, and eventually forgot, about the red flags, becoming oblivious to the pattern of his controlling and angry behaviour.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: Paella

Paella has become quite popular even in the U.S. and Canada in recent years and for that reason I thought I’d share with you a recipe I’ve used a number of times when I’ve wanted to make the dish myself. This recipe has been adapted from

Why Self-Care is More Than Just Mindless Capitalism

“Self-care.” It has been a buzzword for a few years now, often mocked and just as often used unironically. Self-care has entered our modern day lexicon, but what is it exactly? Is it aromatherapy? Books on meditation? Drinking enough kombucha to bring probiotic balance to your gut? Or perhaps it’s bath bombs, journals in loopy cursive saying “Embrace Your Dreams,” or escaping to a ski resort. What do all of these things have in common?

Wintering Out Your Health

“Healthy” and “winter” aren’t always the most synonymous words when it comes to living in a relatively cold part of the world. I’ve almost gotten sick twice over these past few months, and the long nights and icy wind don’t necessarily help me to feel upbeat, energetic, or really just myself. So, for those who’ve felt the brunt of winter lethargy and dry sinuses, here’s a short list of things you should try to help yourself out:

Depression First Hand

#BellLetsTalk used to be one of the most uncomfortable days of the year for me. The endless tweets and retweets about checking in on your friends and knowing the signs of an anxiety attack terrified me. I mean, I still participated and used the filters like a “woke” person of my generation would, but it was all just an act. This time around, I’ve decided that I’m trading in the sharades for a more genuine look at mental illness. Here is a small part of my ongoing journey.

Baldwin Naturals : des produits naturels abordables

Les produits pour le corps que nous utilisons quotidiennement contiennent très souvent une liste interminable d’ingrédients chimiques et d’agents de conservation, tels que l’ammonium et plusieurs types de parabènes. Selon les résultats de plusieurs recherches, quoique pas tous ces ingrédients soient nocifs, l’utilisation de produits ayant autant d’ingrédients non naturels à la fois est néfaste pour la santé et affecte, par ailleurs, le bien-être des générations futures. Pour cette raison, on trouve de plus en plus de magasins vendant des produits biologiques à Toronto, tels que Baldwin Naturals.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: French Hot Chocolate

After a not-so-cold winter break (not that anyone’s complaining), I think we’ve all been taken by surprise by the frigid forecasts of the months ahead. If you’ve been watching the news, getting weather alerts, or even going outside at all, you’ll know that the real Canadian winter temperatures are starting to set in.

Manger des aliments de saison, une sage habitude à cultiver

Depuis mon enfance, ma mère m’encourage à manger des produits alimentaires et à inclure à mon alimentation des aliments qui poussent au même moment de l’année où on les mange. Par exemple, on peut manger des courges en été et en automne et des betteraves en hiver. Manger des aliments de saison est une habitude importante à adopter car elle présente des avantages pour la santé et pour la planète, en plus d’être économique