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Call Rape By Its Name

This piece is inspired by an article published in the last issue of Pro Tem entitled The Lie of Rape Culture. In all frankness, I do not know what it is exactly that I am responding to. Half-baked ideas relying on the Latin origins of words to support misaligned rhetoric are difficult to palate.

Intoxicating Masculinity

There’s a lot of talk going on at York about “toxic masculinity”. I would like to propose an alternative: masculinity is intoxicating. To arrive at a place where the masculine can make our legs tremble and our mouths drool, we must first take a look at the feminine.

The Lie of Rape Culture

CONTENT WARNING: The following article discusses themes of sexual assault and sexual violence. Pro Tem has elected to publish the article below in the interest of representing the values of the free press and freedom of expression. We would like to remind our readers that the views expressed in contributor articles are not necessarily a reflection of our own values. If you or anyone you know is repressing thoughts of committing violent and sexual crimes, Good2Talk offers a 24/7 confidential crisis line at 1-866-925-5454 or you can call ConnexOntario at 1-866-531-2600 any time.

Single-Use Straws: The Scapegoat of the Plastic Problem

The past year has seen a powerful movement against the use of plastic straws in favour of eliminating plastic pollution from the ocean to protect marine life and combat climate change. While many companies, including some major airlines, have plans to reduce the use of plastic straws or replace them with biodegradable options, Starbucks has announced their plan to completely eliminate their use of plastic straws by 2020.

Activism Works

The Global Climate Strike took place during the 2019 Global Week for Future (September 20–27) and it is estimated to have been the largest climate-motivated mobilisation in world history. Thousands of protests took place over the course of the week across the world, and has estimated over 7.6 million people in 185 countries raised their voices and spoke out for our suffering planet.

Eden’s Declassified Election Survival Guide

Canada is less than a month away from its next federal election, which will be taking place on Oct. 21, 2019. What are you doing to get informed and be prepared to hit the polls? Voting in the western world is the true embodiment of our democratic political system. Various minority groups and women fought hard for the right to vote for decades so voting could ensure quintessential representation. Exercising your right to vote ensures the integrity of our democracy, validates our predecessors’ fights for our rights, and puts a government which proportionally represents the population and diversity of our country in power. These are a few of the manifold reasons why it’s important to cast your vote — but how should one go about doing it?

Militant Vegans vs. Everyone Else

Veganism is a lifestyle defined by abstinence from consuming, and supporting the manufacturing of, animal products and by-products. There are a variety of reasons, based on personal morals and ethics, why an individual may decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but the three of the most common reasons include: to combat climate change, to benefit their health, and/or to stand against modern industrial animal agriculture.

Chick-fil-A: To Eat or Not to Eat?

As essentially the entirety of the GTA knows, Chick-fil-A recently opened their first franchise in Canada right at Bloor and Yonge. The establishment of this restaurant in Toronto has caused a surge of controversy, from public protests on the part of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, to several posts by Toronto’s quintessential instagram profile, blogTO, to lineups of people stretching blocks. This leaves us all with the burning question: to eat, or not to eat?

Why Affirmative Action is Right

Let it be known that an overwhelming feeling of outrage is what has driven me to write about affirmative action. I am outraged by all the critics who have devoted their lives to ending affirmative action. I have struggled to come to terms with how these critics, some of whom have never experienced racial profiling a single day in their lives, are audacious enough to put down the policy that aims to prevent systemic discrimination in our public and private institutions.

Did Legalizing Marijuana Make Things Better or Worse for Canadians?

Since legalization kicked in on October 17, 2018, marijuana use has become more openly accepted. In Canada, people who have had an affinity for marijuana can now smoke or consume the drug in its various forms without judicial consequence. The Trudeau government even went as far as to announce their pledge to pardon minor convictions stemming from marijuana-related charges. On the other hand, though legal in Canada, usage of the drug has created problems for Canada Border Services officers, inciting uproar from travellers at the border. Dispensaries have received a great deal of backlash for their close proximity to schools. Not to mention, the overarching problematic scheme set in place to determine what differentiates possession from intent to distribute. The million-dollar question is: has this new legislation, designed to alleviate the difficulties of possession and usage, spurred a multitude of problems in the hopes of solving just one?

Nixon vs. Trump: History Repeated or Bullet Deflected?

With recent investigations surrounding President Donald Trump, the comparisons to the Watergate scandal of President Richard Nixon have come forth strong. At first glance, the similarities between the two presidencies are eerily identical: the investigations, the references to executive privilege, and the resulting instability of the American political system. However, upon closer examination, the two presidential scandals have important differences.

Is The Honeymoon Over Between Canadian Women and Justin Trudeau?

Canadians have been criticizing Trudeau as a self-proclaimed feminist whose actions are contrary to his pronouncements. In the midst of the SNC-Lavalin scandal—in which the Montreal-based engineering and construction company bribed dictatorial Libyan officials in order to win lucrative contracts in the country—Trudeau has lost two of his most successful female cabinet ministers.

La Finlande : championne de l’éducation

Peu d’étudiants ontariens qui souhaitent enseigner savent que la Finlande est réputée pour avoir l’un des meilleurs systèmes d’éducation au monde, surtout aux niveaux élémentaire et secondaire.

            Le pays scandinave obtient, depuis plusieurs décennies, d’excellents résultats scolaires au niveau national et mondial. En outre, le taux d’élèves qui obtiennent leur diplôme d’études secondaires est de 99,7 % (HuffPost Québec).

Could Howard Schultz be 2020’s Ralph Nader?

Though not officially in the presidential race yet, on January 27, former Starbucks CEO and billionaire Howard Schultz announced that he would be exploring the possibility of running for president in the 2020 election. While it is unlikely that Schultz, who is running as an independent, will win the presidential election, by taking a centrist role in the race, his presence could expose weaknesses in the current left-leaning lineup of presidential hopefuls aiming to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Le monde est de nouveau affligé par une vague d’illibéralisme. Dans presque tous les grands pays démocratiques au monde, il y a un parti populiste où un leader populiste, soit en tête du gouvernement où comme opposition. Les principaux politiques de ces candidats consistent à la promotion de l’autarcie, le rejet des immigrants, et un abandon pour les accords internationaux, soit économique, environnemental ou sécuritaire. La vraisemblance de ces politiques face à celles de l’isolationnisme dans les années 1930 est inquiétante. À notre époque, les leaders mondiaux remettent en question la validité de l’OTAN et l’accord de Paris sur le climat, tandis que dans les années 1930, certains ont quitté la Société des Nations.