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Krysta’s Picks : des activités en plein air à Toronto accessibles à tous !

Salut tout le monde ! C’est Krysta ! Si vous vous souvenez des articles « Krysta’s Picks » de l’hiver 2018, je suis de retour ! Cette année, je suis devenue encore plus fascinée par la nature. À Toronto et au Canada en général, on est chanceux de pouvoir sortir dehors et de rencontrer diverses communautés plein air. Cette session, je voudrais mettre en vedette certains évènements, communautés et endroits à Toronto et aux alentours de Toronto qui valent la peine d’être découverts. Voici donc quelques idées d’activités en plein air auxquels vous pourriez vous inscrire pour être plus en forme cette année.

Krysta’s Picks: Strike & Summer To Do’s

I’m sure we’ve all been exhausting our lists of places to check out looking for things to do over the last (several) weeks of strike time, so much so that our lists may need some replenishing for the spring and summer months ahead. So, whether you’re in Toronto for summer school or an internship or if you live here all year round, here are some ideas to help you pass the time. After all, summer is the best time to get outside and explore all that Toronto has to offer!

Krysta’s Picks – Cocktail Bars

Speaking of picks (or pickets), it’s strike time! That means you have time to catch up on assignments during the day and time to have fun at night! If you’re like me, you like a solid venue for unwinding with friends, enjoying some tunes and testing out several of Toronto’s wide range of yummy drink creations. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite spots for doing just that. So why not grab a TTC day pass and do a little bar hopping for a fun (strike) evening!

Krysta’s Picks: Vegan Eats

Going vegan has turned into a trendy-but-healthy lifestyle choice, one which many millennials (and others, although it’s undoubtedly a millennial-dominated affair) are making in hopes of a sustainable, animal-friendly new world. So whether you’re starting with meatless Monday, are just going vegetarian or a full-on planet-saving granola-and-20k-run-every-morning vegan, these restaurants are sure to please the appetite and the soul!

Krysta’s Picks — Let’s Do Brunch!

I’m back! Now that we’ve all (hopefully) begun our new year’s resolutions, I’m assuming that waking up early, going to the gym, and increasing our productivity are all goals we have! And I don’t think there’s a better way to motivate yourself to get going than to wake up early and get your socializing crossed off the list over a delicious brunch! And if you’re anything like me, instagram crafting, mimosa sipping, avocado-eating types of brunches are the kind you’ll need to try! Now there are definitely some special places in this big city, and after having tried quite a few, here are the top three on my revisit-to-stuff-my-face list.