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Chemi Lhamo and The Chinese-Tibetan Conspiracies of Toronto

University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus’ (UTSC) new President-elect, Chemi Lhamo, has been at the centre of an ongoing controversy involving freedom of speech and Chinese influence in Canadian universities. A 22-year old Tibetan-Canadian, Lhamo publicly advocates Tibetan independence from the People’s Republic of China. Though not in her campaign platform, she has come under attack from Chinese students who have bombarded her Instagram profile with criticisms—anything from simply reiterating that Tibet is a part of China (followed by a string of Chinese flag emojis) to labelling her a “racist,” a “separatist,” and a series of expletives.

Bill 66 and the Greenbelt

“The people have spoken. I’m going to listen to them, they don’t want me to touch the Greenbelt, we won’t touch the Greenbelt,” stated Premier Ford during his candidacy earlier this year before taking the highest chair in the province. While it’s not surprising for politicians to skew statements and promises as it suits their purposes (and to wait for critics to die down), this doesn’t excuse a reversal of policy on ensuring the protection of Ontario’s environmental landscape on which the sustainability of its major urban centres stands on.

Krysta’s Picks : des activités en plein air à Toronto accessibles à tous !

Salut tout le monde ! C’est Krysta ! Si vous vous souvenez des articles « Krysta’s Picks » de l’hiver 2018, je suis de retour ! Cette année, je suis devenue encore plus fascinée par la nature. À Toronto et au Canada en général, on est chanceux de pouvoir sortir dehors et de rencontrer diverses communautés plein air. Cette session, je voudrais mettre en vedette certains évènements, communautés et endroits à Toronto et aux alentours de Toronto qui valent la peine d’être découverts. Voici donc quelques idées d’activités en plein air auxquels vous pourriez vous inscrire pour être plus en forme cette année.

L’Union européenne au grand écran

Si vous êtes un ou une cinéphile comme moi, vous devenez sans doute surexcité lorsque les lumières s’éteignent au cinéma signalant le commencement du film. Si vous êtes en Études internationales ou en Science politique, vous devriez jeter un coup d’œil au Festival du film de l’Union européenne !

Fake Smiles and Happy Place

I’ll admit it. I shamelessly paid $35 for a ticket to Happy Place, a pop-up interactive exhibition set up at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto from November until January. We’ve all heard about Happy Place through one of those oh-so tantalizing videos from BlogTO on Facebook and through all of our most Instagram-inclined friends who had undoubtedly bought tickets at the presale. My stormy Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well as my constant academic anxieties as a student, were both fatally attracted to Happy Place’s pomp and glitter and colours. Can visiting Happy Place really cure anxiety, depression, and senioritis? Good thing I checked it out, so you don’t have to.

Sorry to Burst your Bubble: Toronto’s Housing Crisis

There was a lot of talk about affordable housing during Toronto’s recent elections. People were intrigued to hear about John Tory’s plan to build 40,000 units in 12 years, or the even more ambitious claim of 100,000 in 10 years by his chief opponent, former chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat. If you don’t pay for mortgage or rent however, it might be more difficult to imagine what the housing situation looks like in Toronto—and boy, is it a mess.

Government Commitments: What are they Worth?

By now, we have all heard from the various stakeholders about the province’s cancellation of the $305 million funding promised by the previous Liberal government for three new campuses in the GTA belonging to the joint projects of  York University and Seneca College, Wilfrid Laurier Univerity and Conestoga College, as well as Ryerson University and Sheridan College. This sudden event seems to have upset everyone, regardless of their political leanings.

Getting The 411 on 401 Richmond

There are countless art galleries and institutions in this city: some are properties of design companies, charities and  co-working spaces, but did you know that there is actually a building that houses all of these incredibly varied organizations under one roof? Let me introduce you to 401 Richmond. This unique Toronto locale is a restored (not renovated) industrial building located in the heart of the Fashion District. Personally, I am lucky enough to not only have worked in the space, but also attended writing workshops and art classes, as well as having spent many an afternoon browsing its many galleries dedicated to visual arts, 3D installations, music and so much more!

VR in Toronto

A new innovation has taken the gaming community by storm and this new technology is called VR (Virtual Reality). It gives all those avid gamers an added dimension to their favourite pastime (so basically, good luck getting them out of the house now). Suffice it to say, the introduction of virtual reality in gaming has become extremely popular, for obvious reasons. The appeal comes from the hyper-realistic feeling it provides for its players and, more often than not, it’s a full body experience that encapsulates the user’s complete attention.