TD - An Introduction to Investing

 Credit: Glendon Entrepreneur and Investors Student Association

Credit: Glendon Entrepreneur and Investors Student Association

In the Glendon Entrepreneur and Investors Student Association, there was great interest in learning how to invest from leading experts in the financial field.  So on Tuesday, October 4th, Glendon partnered with four members from TD Waterhouse to host, “An Introduction to Investing”. The seminar was deeply informative, benefitting both beginner and advanced investors alike.

Business Development Associate Christopher J. Black, Business Development Associate Ida Solie, Direct Investing Regional Manager Raeann Harkes and Senior Regional Manager Mark-Angelo Teoli were all on hand to share their valuable expertise and experience. “Approachable”, “talented”, and “passionate” are some words that come to mind when reflecting on their level of professionalism. Also present were notable faculty including the Dean of Glendon, Donald Ipperciel, who warmly welcomed our guests, as well as Professor Jennifer Sipos Smith and student life coordinator David Ip Yam. These members of the Glendon community play a major role in the success of the students, and teach us all lifelong skills.

The speakers covered fundamental topics that are crucial in the investing world, such as mutual funds and stocks. Those in attendance were also given the opportunity to draw upon the speakers’ vast wealth of knowledge by posing questions. The conference’s welcoming environment certainly fostered a lot of open discussion. Whether students wanted to explore the world of investment for personal growth or for a future career, the event more than satisfied their curiosity.

A highlight of the conference was when the speakers presented the investing platform that TD Bank uses, WebBroker. I particularly enjoyed how easy it was to navigate; it was a rather user-friendly tool. Filters can be set to narrow the stocks in the market to pair the user with stocks suited for their personal investment needs. We were also introduced to an extensive list of webinars that allows individuals to educate themselves on difficult topics. This was an enlightening lesson.

Ultimately, the event established a great atmosphere for students and business professionals to collaborate. The knowledge students learn in the classroom paired with real life applications made this event a perfect mix of academia and career development. Bilingual education, problem solving and written skills are preparing Glendon students for careers in the business world. Everyone who attended the event left with a higher level of investing confidence.