The City by Glendon

 Photo: Carlton Cinema

Photo: Carlton Cinema

Negotiating the ins and outs of the city can be hard, especially for out-of-towners. There’s a whole city that exists outside 2275 Bayview Avenue, as shocking as it may seem. I remember how easy it was to stay in instead of going to explore Toronto when I lived in residence. All too comfortable to slip into the drunk state of mind and turn the pre-drink in Wood A210 for the rest of the night; everybody putting their coats away for another drink-or five-and secretly breathing in a sigh of relief at not having to trek all the way downtown.

But chances are if you’re from the hinterlands of southern Ontario or elsewhere, you haven’t seen all the city has to offer. Or maybe you’re from here and want to know what your fellow Glendonites think of Toronto. Either way, here’s what other students’ favourite places in the city are.

Let’s start with Jean-Pierre, who enjoys his rainy afternoons in the Annex, away from all the snobbishness the rest of Toronto usually brings. Staying until dusk gives the option for a great nightlife scene, probably better than the harassment-filled clubs on King West and the gentrification almost every other neighbourhood is marked by.

Others are quick to name exact locations, like Eric. Before it changed owners, the Magic Lantern Cinema (now Imagine Cinema) on Carleton Street was his favourite independent theatre in Toronto. Along with major releases it would have themed nights like women-focused movies, classic movies, and bad movies (they still show Turkish Star Wars almost every night - head there on Tuesday to see it for only $5). The theatre was also fully licensed, serving booze slushies, perfect for Eric’s dates to put up with him. Eric’s second favourite spot is Cabana Pool Bar, the bar that can only be described as the cesspool of Torontonians, aptly located near abandoned industry near the Portland’s.

For a less trashy night out, our very own Editor-In-Chief Camille recommends the Ceili Cottage. This cozy Irish pub in Leslieville is known for its oysters, mac n’ cheese, and sticky toffee pudding. A plethora of books, maps and photos of Ireland line its walls, and the exposed brick and wood furniture create a warm atmosphere. Their patio on Queen Street East is also a beautiful spot to enjoy a cold beer when the weather gets warmer.

Speaking of warm weather, my recommendation could only exclusively be enjoyed when the warm summer suns decides to rear its head once more in a few months. Hanna’s Point Beach on the island is the only clothing-optional beach in Toronto. Uneven tan? Think clothing is oppressive? Head over to Hanlan’s Point with a book or a couple of drinks. Undoubtedly the most relaxed beach Toronto has to offer; cops rarely come around. Perfect for whichever illegal activity one might have up their sleeve.

I’ve received one or two other interesting submissions, from Frost library to Yonge and Eglinton. Although I’m legitimately intrigued as to why Frost library would be the top of somebody’s list, I can only conclude that y’all need to get out more. Try some of the fun things on this list.