The Cycle

With thoughts ever unique and at their peek
Life anew rushes down the creek

The freshest of waters the upper reaches do provide
Though there, not long shall they bide

Time nor gravity grace the fluid with mercy
As aggressors alike thrust it forth in a hurry

A force once powered by great vigor
Now gradually growing much dimmer

Soon, the waters have reached midstream
Past experiences, they do hope to redeem

But alas, the struggle still remains
To escape from its bond of chains

Through eddies ever circulating, the waters swirl
Dreaming solely to unfurl

For none know what good it holds
A tragedy of a never touched story unfolds

Approaching journey’s end,
The waters are accustomed to the course’s trend

They, now void of hope,
See with narrow mind and narrow scope

No longer are the waters fresh
Polluted and dirty, now rank like rotten flesh

Has the experience been for naught?
To this world, what have I brought?

Sadness I possess, but far too late
Closed minds, I can no longer tolerate

My time draws ever nigh
Will now, at my end, will you stay near me ere I take to the sky?