The Healing Magic of Glendon

 Photo: Reeda Tariq

Photo: Reeda Tariq

It’s hard to explain why Glendon means so much to me. If you know me at all, you know that I live, breathe, eat, and sleep Glendon; someone has even referred to Glendon as my lifeline, and they are right. It would be even more difficult for someone who didn’t know me before coming to Glendon to explain why this campus has had such a huge effect on my life, and even harder for those who no longer know me well after leaving high school.

When I came to Glendon, I was a shell of a person. I suffered from situation-based depression and frequent anxiety attacks; I was exhausted by the time graduation rolled around. I was surprised and extremely disappointed when my depression didn’t just disappear when I walked out the doors of my high school for the last time. I had been so looking forward to June 28, 2013; I’d had a countdown set from the day grade 12 started. Suffice it to say, high school was not a pleasant time for me so when I was finally done, I wondered why I wasn’t happier, lighter, more content.

Granted, I started to feel better over the summer months before beginning my university studies, but I wasn’t as happy or as vibrant as I remember myself being in grade 9. Then August 26, 2013 came: it was my first day at Glendon. This was the day I had been anxiously awaiting for the past three years, and as wondrous as the campus may look to the common passerby, it held a special sense of magic for me.

The depression I had held for years suddenly vanished. It took only 30 minutes of wandering the green grasses of our magical campus for me to realize how happy I was. I felt light and fluffy; the chains and darkness that had encased my heart had finally shattered - I was free. It’s difficult for me to describe this feeling, and as time goes on, the memories of my first year are slowly fading, but that feeling of the darkness evaporating from within me is something I will never forget and will always cherish.

              This campus breathed the life back into me. I suddenly became that vibrant, bubbly girl I remember being in grade nine, before my world went dark. I cling to this sense of happiness that Glendon gives me. I will likely always have fear that the darkness will seep its way back into my heart, but I know that as long as Glendon stays in my heart, I have a good chance of fighting the demons that haunt me.

Despite attending a school where my political opinions vary greatly from the majority of my colleagues, leading to disputes and disappointing experiences, even with professors, Glendon is a place I will find very difficult leaving once graduation comes my way. But even when that day comes, I will continue to firmly grasp the happiness that Glendon has returned to me.