T.O. Living

 Photo: Nick Harris

Photo: Nick Harris

Toronto: Is it real life, or is it just fantasy? Listen, the first important thing you need to know about Toronto is money. You’ll need lots of it. This means that you and your $35 bank account, part time job at Sobeys, and constant drunk nights on weekends can not afford it. However, many have found loopholes. This includes, but is not limited to, your parent’s money, OSAP, dealing ganja, and living off Mr. Noodles and tuna.


Essentially, downtown Toronto is arbitrarily expensive, and you probably will not be able to survive. Do not fret! Toronto is an extremely large city, and for some odd reason, other cities including North York, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and many more are also included in the GTA (greater Toronto area). Therefore, this means you and your non-existent bank account and impulsive Popeyes binges can get a place to live.


This inevitably means commuting, but fortunately Canada has the best public transit in the world! If you live in Toronto, you know the many shortcomings of the TTC. It is a price to pay to live in Toronto, and there is no getting around it. You might think at this point I hate Toronto. You are almost right.


Jokes aside, Toronto can be the best place to grow and experience culture. From Kensington Market (weed dispensaries and the best food you have ever eaten from several different cultures) to TIFF and everything in between; Toronto has a huge art, music, cuisine, and entertainment scene. This panoply of cultures will balance all of the city’s shortcomings and you will undergo a powerful awareness of what multiculturalism is all about.

Canada is built on the premise of multiculturalism, and you will experience cultural clashes everywhere you go. But if you keep an open mind, you might just find yourself developing in a way you could never do in Keswick, Ontario. I believe everyone needs to live in Toronto at least for a little while during their existence because it truly represents what the world is about, and I will leave you to determine what that is.