VR in Toronto

 cr. TripAdvisor

cr. TripAdvisor

A new innovation has taken the gaming community by storm and this new technology is called VR (Virtual Reality). It gives all those avid gamers an added dimension to their favourite pastime (so basically, good luck getting them out of the house now). Suffice it to say, the introduction of virtual reality in gaming has become extremely popular, for obvious reasons. The appeal comes from the hyper-realistic feeling it provides for its players and, more often than not, it’s a full body experience that encapsulates the user’s complete attention.

Sounds cool, right? Unfortunately, VR comes at a high price. As students who can barely afford tuition and housing, the asking price of $499-$899 for a single VR headset comes off more than a bit steep. Fortunately, there are alternatives! In Toronto, there are many “gaming centres” for people to try the full experience at a low, student-friendly cost. I went to one of the more expensive ones called “The Void” at the Rec Room (255 Bremner Blvd) where it’s $24 for a 12 minute game. Now, that may sound pricey, but with that price, you experience vibrations, wind, temperature changes, even smells (!) that coordinate with the game you’re playing. Unreal, right? Well, not anymore.

Personally, I was looking for the total package experience, complete with the most-updated software, and that may necessarily not be the case with you. You might just want an idea of what it is, to experience with your friends and not break the bank. Another location called LevelUp Virtual Reality Arcade, located at Yonge and Dundas, gives you just that. It gives you the opportunity to play for up to an hour for only $19! A much better deal that will probably give you and your friends an amazing, fun day without messing up your budget too much.

For those courageous enough, I recommend playing a scary game with a group of friends to determine which one of your friends is bravest (and which one you get to make fun of on the trip back!). Other group games include, but are not limited to, sports games, action/adventure games and mystery games. While experiencing VR, it also gives you a glimpse of what might come in the future and personally, I cannot wait to see what technological advancements come to the gaming industry. All in all, VR gaming is an experience you will not soon forget and I highly recommend trying it out to anyone, whether you are a gamer or not!