We Are All Best Friends: Glendon Frosh Week

  Photo: GCSU

Photo: GCSU

As a budding and excited first-year student, I was elated to be starting university. As my mom took my picture by our front door on that sunny September day of 2014, she asked if I was nervous. I smiled and told her I felt the exact opposite. I was ready to go. This may often not be the sentiment felt by most students on their first day of university, but I knew there was nothing to be scared of because Glendon was my home. My Frosh week had just finished and I could not wait to head back to school, this time to learn instead of party.

As someone who spent most of their adolescent life afraid of speaking up and blending into the background, the person I was during Frosh week was a stark contrast to who I thought I was. The cheers and the images of my D-Frosh thrusting in the air at high-velocity speeds shocked me, but I was also indescribably giddy with enthusiasm because I felt free to act as wild as I wanted to. The embracing environment at Glendon inspired me to be my odd, wisecracking self.

As my first year was drawing to a close, I heard that D-Frosh hiring was taking place for Frosh Week 2015. I knew I had to apply. I was apprehensive at first because I still felt much too introverted to get up there and be loud, but I knew there were going to be incoming students like me. I felt I would be able to relate with the quieter wallflowers, those who were hype and cool in their own ways, and I had to make sure they, too, were welcomed home.

Being on the other side of Frosh week took me by complete surprise, regardless of how much preparation I put into it. It was the most well-oiled, extravagant mess of activity I had ever had the honour to partake in. I was constantly tired and sweaty, and I loved minute of it. Screaming my lungs out, getting up on tables to thrust along to the cheers, and giving my absolute heart and soul made being a D-Frosh worth it. The result? Seeing the wide-eyed, shocked eyes of the students and hear them brim with laughter. Staying up until the early hours of the morning and waking up shortly after sunrise was worth it because I knew the first year students were having a great time. Seeing students interact with each other, and watching those interactions become lasting friendships, became the reason why I D-Froshed.

When the time came to apply for Frosh Week 2016, I knew I wanted to be a part of it again. This time, I challenged myself and put in my candidature to be a Second, one of the individual team’s head leaders. In short, being a Second is what changed my life as a D-Frosh. I was placed on Green Team with Seyoung Chang, my rock and inspiration for the ensuing nine days of Frosh, as my First. Frosh as a Second is a different experience wherein your leadership role involves more responsibility in ensuring safety and comfort while still making sure that the team is having a fun time.

As a Second, I also learned more about the magical support system amongst fellow D-Frosh. I had gotten a taste of it during my first round, but Frosh Week 2016 was when I truly saw how much each and every Glendonite cares for each other. It is true that we are a family and Frosh unites us all. Frosh Week is a success every year because of all the work and commitment the D-Frosh put into it. Everything they do is a complete team effort.

Frosh week is the greatest display of compassion and support I have ever experienced. If I felt down and exhausted, the smiling faces of my Froshies cheered me up, and the shoulders of my fellow D-Frosh supported me through it all. For me, Frosh Week is not just about helping first-year students transition into university, it is a means of connecting with Glendon and adding my energy to the vibe of love and acceptance that transcends all aspects of our campus. Frosh Week will exhaust you, but you get back what you put into it, and even more.