What does the GCSU have in store for you?

 Photo: GCSU

Photo: GCSU

September has already come and gone and there are changes happening on campus; the leaves are slowly changing colours, the temperature has dropped, and students have begun to adapt to the fast pace of university life. First years can find comfort in the fact that Glendon is  of high school, with its small, cozy atmosphere, but they may still feel like there is so much happening that they don’t know about. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can join here at Glendon. One of the main organizations at Glendon is the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU). This team of Glendonites is elected by the students for the students. They organise events and run advocacy campaigns all year long, while serving as your voice and constantly working towards improving every aspect of student life.

I recently sat down with Seyoung Chang, VP of Operations for the GCSU, to talk about what the Union has planned for the year. I was pleased to hear about all the amazing events they have planned for the next coming weeks. The biggest campaign coming up is an Aboriginal Awareness campaign. Speakers will be coming to Glendon and movies will be shown during the week leading up to Thanksgiving in hopes to provide cultural awareness. A Mental De-stress Week associated with the Glendon Counselling services will also take place in October, spearheaded by the VP Social Amanda Merry and VP Campaigns and Advocacy Alexander Sokol. There will also be a trip to a Pumpkin Patch! The 10 dollar fee will include transportation, apple picking and more! Finally, the GCSU annual All-Ages Halloween pub night, a favourite amongst returning students, will be held in the cafeteria on October 20th.

In November, the GCSU will be hosting their yearly trip to Montreal, during which students spend three days and two nights in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. The fall term will come to an end with the annual Charity Ball, now rebranded as an HIV/AIDS awareness Formal which will be held in the Glendon Manor in December. The GCSU will be hosting a multitude of events every month, so keep an eye out for them! Many of you have probably passed by their office, which is located on the first floor across from Richard’s Room. You are welcome to swing by to meet this year’s team and to check out ways to get involved on campus. They will be able to tell you how to sign up for one of the Fall sports being offered, such as basketball or flag football, how to join a club, and how to get your discounted tokens, Cineplex/Ripley's tickets and SPC cards. They also offer the cheapest printing on campus!

Maintenant que vous avez une meilleure idée de qu’est l’AÉCG et de ce qu’elle fait, don’t be afraid to swing by and see what the GCSU is up to. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel inspired and want to run to be part of the team next year.