Why You Should Join The Glendon Athletic Club

 Photo: Lauren Clewes

Photo: Lauren Clewes

Most students would rather catch up on sleep or get ahead on schoolwork than clear their schedules for an hour or two of exercise, claiming they don’t have the time or that they are too stressed. Ironically, going to the gym is a rewarding and stress-relieving experience that is well worth sacrificing a bit of time for.

All students can begin their fitness quest right on campus, for the price of only 20 dollars per year, which includes a free towel service. Though it is small, Glendon College prides itself in having its very own, 55,000 square foot fitness facility – the Glendon Athletic Club (GAC). The club is located at the Proctor field house, at the bottom of the long set of stairs leading to the Don River trails. The GAC includes a pool, a group exercise room, a gymnasium, a weight room, squash courts and tennis courts, as well as a group cycling studio, all of which are open to all members of the club. In addition to these facilities, there are two health clinics that operate within the GAC. The Cornerstone Health & Wellness Centre offers chiropractic services, and Endeavour Rehab offers sports performance and rehabilitation services.

Many Glendon students take advantage of their membership at the GAC and can be seen exercising in the weight room, where attendants or personal trainers are present upon request and ready to help. A lot of students also take part in various group fitness classes on a weekly and even daily basis. Many of these classes appeal to students and community members alike.

The Zumba class is a student favourite because of the upbeat and mood-boosting energy it creates in a welcoming, open-to-all environment. Zumba is a fast-paced workout that incorporates various styles of Latin dance routines. It is excellent for both cardiovascular and mental health. No matter how uncoordinated, or how unfamiliar one may be to dancing or exercise in general, they will surely feel a surge of energy and satisfaction after their Zumba workout.

The GAC is always open to new members. Put your psychology assignments, French grammar exercises, and extracurricular commitments aside for a few hours each week, and make your overall health a priority by taking advantage of the services offered at the GAC.