WUSC Glendon raises funds for Refugees

 Photo: Emily Leahy

Photo: Emily Leahy

To this date, WUSC Glendon is the Local Committee with the most funds raised for the World University Service of Canada (WUSC)’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) via the event Ride for Refuge. Ride for Refuge is an annual bicycling/walking event which takes places across North America and raises awareness and funds for marginalized individuals, especially forced migrants.

The Student Refugee Program combines Canada's private sponsorship of refugees with higher education in a truly unique and life-changing program. Students are resettled across Canada in colleges and universities. Local Committees pay for the living costs and tuition of sponsored students, in addition to providing social and academic support. WUSC Glendon has often had to skip years of sponsoring due to a shortage of funds, but thanks to York University’s generous waivers we will now be sponsoring one student refugee each year from now until 2020.

Through this program, we have seen lives change for the better and thus were hyper motivated to raise funds to help ensure this program continues its amazing work! The funds raised go directly to WUSC Headquarters, and not to WUSC Glendon. They contribute to WUSC’s capacity to ensure that the SRP program will have enough funds without relying on unpredictable government subsidization. This independence means that regardless of the politics of governing parties, refugee resettlement and education will continue to happen across Canada.

We believe in the values of the SRP and so, armed with our convictions, we were able to reach the lofty sum of $1480. This is thanks to the dedication of our team and the generous donations of the greater WUSC Glendon community. We were second only to WUSC Headquarters! Again, thank you to all those involved. We look forward to your continued support as we continue to raise awareness and funds for forced migrants and higher education!