Your Name


I’m in love with the way you say my name

You fit into my cosmic frame

An image of love I can’t quite tame –

Two lovers playing a familiar game.


Who is to blame when the words

No longer sound the same.

When words are no longer

Self-contained - how unsettling.


Unraveling our pasts,

Like outcasts,

On a search for closeness.

Fugitives running away from shame.


Who is to blame for a shared disdain?


Maybe we are constantly

An evolving frame?

Clinging to meaningless experiences,

Dogs eagerly chasing their tails,

In a frantic search for meaning,



A simple kiss,

As waves of laughter ,

Forever disturb every inch of our

Fragile existence.

We avoid meaning,

And tidy our suitcases, hoping

That there will be space for our secrets.


Or else there

Will be beauty amongst the



But where nothing was,

Is where nothing remains .

And hastily our present fades,

Giving way to her more faded gaze,

As she tries to reframe,

This evolving movie

Of blues and greys.


But how quickly

She loses her grasp on reality.

– On the vivid shades of blue –

The sky is overcast now

Or so they say.


The song he sings

Is all that keeps her from seeing grey.


A human connection,

An entirely cosmic love game,

Amidst hazy days,

For nothing has ever felt more like


And I’ve never been less afraid

Of your name.