Zoning By-Laws in the 6ix

 Photo: Globe and Mail

Photo: Globe and Mail

For all you Drake fans out there, you’ll be happy to know that your beloved 6God has started the preliminary phases of building a mansion in the Bridle Path; a few steps away from our campus. Drake’s real name, Aubrey Graham, is nowhere to be found on official documentation. The property on 21 Park Lane Circle was purchased for $6.7 million by a Halifax-based company whose president is Adel Nur, Drake’s DJ and friend. It is customary for celebrities not to have their own names on real estate documents, either creating subsidiary companies or entrusting the purchase to a friend or family member.

The mansion, soon to be the third most impressive residence in the Bridle Path community, is to be built in the same neighbourhood as many of Canada’s rich and famous, including fellow Canadian we’re-still-unsure-about Conrad Black and renowned musician, Gordon Lightfoot.

Plans for construction have already been filed with the city and are awaiting further approval. The mansion includes, but is not limited to, a rooftop terrace with a hot tub, a library, an NBA-sized basketball court, and a jersey museum. There was a potential snag in the approval process, however, which was found in the mansion’s dimensions. For example, the city only allows a driveway to be 9 metres wide, whereas the drafted plans for Drake’s driveway read 34 metres wide. Moreover, the city doesn’t allow houses to be taller than 11 metres, whereas Drake’s is planned to be 17.

The city usually allows for exceptions by way of a committee granting approval. The vast majority of cases are approved and a lot of buildings in Toronto are built despite causing building infractions, like zoning by-laws. One of the by-passing processes is that neighbours usually listen to arguments by the developer as to why they should be allowed to build against zoning by-laws. Given the fact that this new mansion will be surrounded by neighbours in their own multi-million dollar mansions who’ve also probably committed by-law infractions, there won’t be any problem concerning dimensions. But should celebrities get their way despite being in blatant disregard for by-laws?

A celebrity’s influence must be curtailed so that they fall well within the law of whichever community they belong to. The city only includes neighbours in a certain distance to be present during the developer’s proposal. I’d, however, petition the city to include the entire neighbourhood. Seeing as Drake will throw extravagant and luxurious parties, the noise might even reach as far away as Glendon. And that’s a problem. Our Dons can’t give Incident Reports to Drake, so the heavy hand of the law doesn’t reach him. Therefore, I propose the developer pitch the mansion to a committee of Glendonites, seeing as Drake’s bangers might keep us up at night. His NBA-sized court might even entice the Raptors to have camp there and not at the GAC.