All in Issue 4 2018/2019


El camino es largo pero a mí no me molesta. Mamá siempre dice que tengo que tener cuidado con todo y con todos y que alejarse de lo que conocemos es mala idea, que la casa es el lugar de la vida. Papá me mataría si supiera que cada noche no estoy en mi cama, y mamá se quedaría en un silencio fuerte también pero a pesar de todo lo sigo haciendo. Suspiros, llantos...

Government Commitments: What are they Worth?

By now, we have all heard from the various stakeholders about the province’s cancellation of the $305 million funding promised by the previous Liberal government for three new campuses in the GTA belonging to the joint projects of  York University and Seneca College, Wilfrid Laurier Univerity and Conestoga College, as well as Ryerson University and Sheridan College. This sudden event seems to have upset everyone, regardless of their political leanings.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: Breanna’s Breakfast Banana Bread

Waking up for your 9:00 AM classes can be pretty tough, and honestly, we usually only leave ourselves just enough time to get ready and get out of the door, regrettably having to skip breakfast. As we know, being tired and “hangry” tends not to be the best combination for an enjoyable start to the day. This banana bread has saved me countless times in the morning while looking to grab something quick, homemade, and nutritious.

Punjab and its Stubble-Burning Bind

Last year, stubble burning in Northern India significantly contributed to carbon monoxide, methane, and volatile organic compound pollution, which resulted in smog that caused several health problems for citizens. The heavy fog formation at the end of the harvest season could become an annual concern for many residents of Northern India.

What Snapchat Fails to Reveal

I remember scrolling through Snapchat’s Discover page one day and viewing stories on how Kylie Jenner managed to put on a tight dress. As I continued scrolling, I uncovered horrific videos about the destruction Hurricane Michael had caused in Florida. The fact that the story about Jenner was placed above the natural disaster was shocking and disappointing.

Cognitive Dissonance: The Exploration of the Troubled Self

University and early adulthood in general are a time for exploration. This could take the form of travel, intellectual exploration, finding a new genre of music you like, or even discovering that you just so happen to have a burning passion for mid-12th century gothic architecture. No matter what form it takes, this exploratory phase is crucial in personal development and ultimately, through our beliefs and values, forms who we are.

L’identité franco-ontarienne : à la fois une énigme et une richesse

Quoiqu’on les perçoive souvent, de manière générale, comme des individus qui vivent en Ontario et dont la langue maternelle est le français, l’identité « Franco-Ontarienne » est toutefois plus complexe. De nombreux francophones ontariens ne s’identifient pas complètement comme tels. D’ailleurs, plusieurs facteurs influent sur le fait de s’assumer ou non comme Franco-Ontarien.


For a bilingual campus that welcomes students from all levels of French, I had expected the FSL program to be more effective and provide students with at least a basic conversational level of French.