All in Issue Seven 2018/2019

The Problem with Prequels: A response to The Crimes of Grindelwald

I grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies, and for a long time, as someone who loves to write, considered Rowling one of my inspirations. There are lots of things she does well, and credit is earned where credit is due. However, it seems that recently she has been rubbing a lot of her fans the wrong way. Although there are several reasons for this, the one I’m focusing on stems from a trap into which many creative individuals have fallen: making bad prequels. (I should mention, this will involve spoilers for the Fantastic Beasts movies.)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Review

There are certain moments in life that just stand out. These moments may be happy, sad, loud, quiet, intense, or reflective. What they have in common is how they manage to bury themselves into our minds and to utterly redefine us, sometimes immediately. For me, some of these moments take the form of cinematic experiences. Such experiences include my first exposures to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sense & Sensibility, Toy Story, Raiders of the Lost Ark, There Will Be Blood, and, more recently, Moonlight. These movies all came along suddenly and without warning, broke me apart, built me back up, and simply sent me reeling. In December of 2018, yet another film worked such magic on me.

Photo Credit: Judeus Samson (unsplash)

Of Gods and Mortals : le visage glendonien de la mythologie

Du 23 au 26 janvier, les Productions Cœur de Lion ont mis en scène Of Gods and Monsters, une pièce inédite qui unit tout en modifiant les mythes grecs de Prométhée, de Perséphone et Hadès, ainsi que celui de la boîte de Pandore. À la fois traditionnelle et moderne, la pièce, écrite de manière rigoureuse et ingénieuse par des étudiantes de Glendon, tisse des liens entre les quêtes identitaires, amoureuses et familiales que mènent divers personnages mortels et divins tout à fait distincts les uns des autres.  

Depression First Hand

#BellLetsTalk used to be one of the most uncomfortable days of the year for me. The endless tweets and retweets about checking in on your friends and knowing the signs of an anxiety attack terrified me. I mean, I still participated and used the filters like a “woke” person of my generation would, but it was all just an act. This time around, I’ve decided that I’m trading in the sharades for a more genuine look at mental illness. Here is a small part of my ongoing journey.

Could Howard Schultz be 2020’s Ralph Nader?

Though not officially in the presidential race yet, on January 27, former Starbucks CEO and billionaire Howard Schultz announced that he would be exploring the possibility of running for president in the 2020 election. While it is unlikely that Schultz, who is running as an independent, will win the presidential election, by taking a centrist role in the race, his presence could expose weaknesses in the current left-leaning lineup of presidential hopefuls aiming to become the Democratic presidential nominee.